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We provide honest diagnostics, prompt service, fair prices, and many options & flexibility on whether to repair or replace your systems. We have 15 plus years of experience right here in the Metroplex and understand the needs of our customers, which enables us to provide top notch customer service.

Climate Experts also provide sales, service, and installation of all light commercial and residential A/C and Heating systems. So please contact us by phone or email to set up an appointment for your repairs. We provide free in home estimates on new equipment, ductwork, and many other air and ventilation solutions.

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Climate Experts A/C and Heating Inc

New system specials,

Save NOW, don't wait until its 100 degrees and you are in a time crunch. You should take control of your decisions when you are not rushed and its an emergency situation.

No time better than now as prices are better and scheduling is flexible. Use your Tax return for something you use year round as most see as a necessity..your HVAC System.

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Climate Experts A/C and Heating Inc updated their cover photo.

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UPDATES; Hope winter is treating you well and winters almost over, so your heaters should last until March. If they don’t, give us a call we offer many specials this time of year for new system replacements, including Financing. That brings me to a point or rather a thought, I keep seeing these "Per Month" financing offers at as low as 84 dollars a month OR 0%? Please this sounds too good to be true and it is, think about it, it may be a real deal but do you want to pay a thousand dollars a year on a 12,000 dollar and up system that maybe has a 10 year warranty and a 10-15 year life span? You will be paying on this until it’s time to replace it? IMO this is not frugal, it’s irresponsible money planning from where I sit and I would say take the 2-5yr plans with as low to no interest as possible. Lastly most of the companies offering these types of plans are the highest overhead companies and their systems are priced, in most cases, thousands higher than ours to cover these programs and the Commercials you see on TV.. Food for thought, have a great day!

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