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We provide honest diagnostics, prompt service, fair prices, and many options & flexibility on whether to repair or replace your systems. We have 15 plus years of experience right here in the Metroplex and understand the needs of our customers, which enables us to provide top notch customer service.

Climate Experts also provide sales, service, and installation of all light commercial and residential A/C and Heating systems. So please contact us by phone or email to set up an appointment for your repairs. We provide free in home estimates on new equipment, ductwork, and many other air and ventilation solutions.

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Yes they are predicting a major heat wave spanning the next 8 days, hottest weather we have seen since 2011. the local weather guys are saying even hotter maybe 106 and 108 Sunday and Monday.

What does this mean to you, well your AC system was never designed to remove heat and humidity above 97 degrees. So they are already working harder than designed most days but this streak they will lose performance as temp near 108 degrees.

To save everybody a lot of time , please don't feel like your unit is Broken just because its running a lot and not keeping up, its going to happen.

How can you help us help you?

1. Change your filter if you haven't in last 30 days unless you have a specialized media filter but check it anyway.

2. make sure you battery's are fresh in your t-stat

3. rinse off your outdoor condenser unit. Don't go crazy with pressure but use a medium pressure and go up and down the coil space and not sideways and simply push water through the coil. This will help a Lot.

4. set your temps a few degrees higher than normal so the unit gets a break from time to time. You wont notice much of a difference as the unit will run a lot more already and should remove a lot more humidity.

if you are one of those who already has the system set far below the recommended 78 degrees , heed this warning, turn it up some. if you are below 76 or worse below 70 , well i wish you luck as you will most likely be seeing us soon and your energy bill will be shocking to boot. Good Luck!

5. lastly, use your Ceiling and floor fans more.. it helps more than you know.

Thank you,

Climate Experts AC and Heating Inc.

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recent completed Mini-Split Install

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